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This post is also available in: Czech comes with two main featured programmes  – Samba Essentials and Samba Enterprise. Payment plan prices and tiers are based on the number of customers in your database, each tier includes a certain number of prepaid messages. The Free plan is limited to a maximum of 1000 contacts. A detailed description of the payment plans, including a price list, is available directly in the app, which is free to register for. You can find more details below.

Features overview

User engagement
  Free Essentials Enterprise
Acquisition welcome pop-up campaigns included included included
Web-based personalized product widgets x included included
Customizable Javascript API web recommendation x included included
Website push notifications x included included
Script Manager x x included

Multichannel touchpoints
Integration & Analytics
  Free Essentials Enterprise
Connection with 3rd party services through API included included included
Google Analytics attributions included included included
Advanced reporting with Samba Business Insights

x x add-on

What counts as a contact

We count one customer ID as one contact, email addresses or phone numbers are irrelevant. More customers can have only one email address, but what we count is the number of customer IDs. 

The number of customers in the database

The total limit on the number of customers (number of IDs) of your payment plan includes all that you can see in Samba in the “Audience and filters” section, ie.

  • customers from the customers feed
  • generated customers from the order feed (see below)
  • imported customers through the Contact Management section
  • collected customers using welcome popups

The following customers are not counted as a contact:

  • Customers with parameter DATA_PERMISSION = anonymized_only – see Customers feed.
  • Deleted customers through the Contact Management.
  • Push subscribers that aren’t connected with any customer ID from your database.

You will find the details under Settings → Billing & Payments:

What counts as a message


Emails will be counted and charged if their status is “sent”. Note that this includes soft bounces and hard bounces, even though the emails are undelivered. However, we do not charge for failed emails, these are those dismissed even before the attempt of sending, because the receiver’s domain is invalid. Failed emails can occur also if the coupon pool used in the email template is empty. 

Push notifications

Push notifications will be counted and charged if their status is “sent by vendor”. We do not count messages sent to invalid subscriptions labeled as “failed” messages. Find further information about push notifications here. 

Other messages

Messages sent via social media connected to Samba are neither counted nor charged (e.g. Facebook, Seznam).

SMS messages, Webhooks and Sklik are charged separately according to individual agreement.

Service Activation

If you are interested in activating these services, please contact us at

How billing works

When you opt for the monthly plan, you can pay by a payment card. The invoice is created automatically and can found under the Settings -> Billing and Payments -> Billing Information section.

You will pay in advance for the monthly plan at the beginning of the accounting period. Any overages will be charged and invoiced separately at the beginning of the next billing period.

Pricing of Overages

The prices of current payment plans and its tiers are based on the number of contacts in your database and the number of messages sent per month. When you exceed your monthly contacts and/or messages limits, your bill will be higher by the amount caused by either contact or message overages.

You can find current pricing in the Billing & Payments section in your Samba account.

What this means for you

  • You can always be sure that your campaigns will go out to all your contacts. So you don’t have to keep counting the number of contacts and emails you send to fit into your limit, and you don’t always have to change your monthly subscription.
  • In the next month after you’ve exceeded your limits, we’ll charge you an over-limit fee or you can choose to upgrade to a higher plan.
  • The overlimit fee is charged according to your tariff by contact packages and message packages. For a 500-contact plan, this means you’ll pay 115 CZK for every 50 new contacts and 115 CZK for every 500 messages sent over the limit.

There are 4 possible scenarios that can happen:

ContactsMessagesWill I have to pay overages?
Within limits
Within limitsNo overages
Beyond limitsWithin limitsOverages for exceeded contacts will be charged
Within limitsBeyond limitsOverages for exceeded messages will be charged
Beyond limitsBeyond limitsOverages for both messages and contacts will be charged

If one of these cases happens, we will notify you on the dashboard in Samba accordingly:

We recommend increasing your plan if you should exceed the amount of contacts or messages that your current plan is covering because it is more financially beneficial than paying for overages. You can even upgrade your plan within the same month to avoid paying more because of overages. In this case you will be charged with the proportionate amount for your former plan and for the new plan.

The price of overages is the same as with the annual programme. If your plan becomes insufficient during this period an upgrade is possible. The duration of the upgraded contract will be negotiated individually.


What are the prices of the subscription plans based on?

The price of each plan, and all associated features of that plan, is based on the maximum number of contacts allowed within your database.

What happens if I exceed the number of contacts in my database or the number of sent messages?

When you exceed the number of contacts in your database or the number of sent messages in the specific month, you will see a warning in your dashboard alerting you to that fact. Unless you upgrade your payment plan, you will be charged for overages.

How to change your subscription plan

You can change or request a subscription change depending on your current plan under Settings → Billing and Payments → Change. Plan upgrades paid by a payment card with monthly payment option will be processed automatically, for other requests please contact us at

When will the request for a change of subscription plan be processed and activated?

We will contact you within one business day after you request a plan change. Upgrades can be activated within the same month.  Monthly plan downgrades will be activated at the beginning of the next billing period. Yearly plan downgrades have to be negotiated individually.

Which day of the month will I be charged if I’m paying monthly?

Payments will continue to be charged on the same day of each month according to your first billing.

When I upgrade my plan during the accounting period, how much will I pay?

We will charge you with the proportionate amount for your current and newly upgraded plan.

Do you offer any discounts?

For yearly payments, a discount is provided, the specific amount of which you will see in the price list in the app.

How can I change my payment card?

You can insert or  update your payment card under Settings → Payments and Billing → Payment Card. Simply “Edit” and then click the “Save” button.

Fees for changing or cancelling a subscription

There are no fees associated with changing or cancelling your subscription. If you wish to cancel your subscription, please contact us at

Failed payment

If you fail to make a payment, you will receive two reminder emails notifying you of a failed payment. After the second of these two emails are sent, you will have 3 days to make a payment. If we do not receive a payment, your Samba account, and all of its features, will be suspended.

I am using Samba Free. What happens if my database gets bigger than 1000 contacts?
  • If you exceed the number of contacts in the Free plan, your database will be automatically cut to a maximum of 1000 contacts.
Can I use an invoice for payment?

Yes, you can also pay your Samba fees via an invoice but this has to be set up individually. Please contact us at

Currency change associated with your account

We can change this via a support request. Simply contact our support team at

Where can I find my invoices?

You can find your invoices from directly within Samba under Settings > Payments and Billing > Invoices. If you believe an invoice is missing, please contact our support team at

How to manage your customer database

We advise you to provide Samba preferably with relevant contacts and the most recent order history (2 years are sufficient). Samba does process data from customers that are not subscribed to newsletters, because it also offers other channels where these customers can be targeted (Push notifications, Facebook, SMS).  The information about these customers can be used via these channels in a more effective way. A guide to managing the database can be found in this article


Find our Terms and Conditions here.


This post is also available in: Czech

Updated on October 9, 2023

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