Flow campaigns

Flow Campaigns

The power of Samba lies in giving you the ability to effortlessly and effectively connect with your customers across various channels and in a variety of different ways. One such tool of accomplishing this is Samba’s Flow Campaigns, where you can break down the “flow” of an omni-channel campaign, complete with setting segmentation options, custom actions, touch points, and much more.

General properties

  • The campaign is evaluated once a day according to the selected rules in the Activation node (provided that the campaign is in the On state).
  • The customer can enter the Flow campaign process multiple times – as long as this is not limited by the Targeting Frequency setting.
  • One customer can be in more than one node in a given Flow campaign at the same time.


To access your Flow Campaigns, click the corresponding link from the main menu. From there, you’ll be able to view your active campaigns, via the Campaign manager, and the results of your previous campaigns, via Campaign results.

To create a new Flow campaign, simply click the “Create campaign” button on the top-right corner. You will be greeted with Flow dashboard and from here click on “Flow Activation” action (as shown below):

Here you’ll be able to set overall campaign settings.


  • Campaign activation: This is when the campaign will start
  • Execution conditions: Campaign flow initiates on the specified date and continues each time the activation rule is triggered
  • Frequency of sending: Minimum delay between the next entry of the same customer into the Flow campaign after he has been targeted by any Email channel within this Flow campaign

Define the flow of your campaign

Next, you’ll have to define the actual flow of the campaign. To start, click the “ + “ button (as pictured below).

You’ll be presented with a variety of different actions you can add to the Flow. Simply select which one you wish to add:

You can even edit the lines between the actions: Connect them or delete them. It’s up to you:

Available Actions (modules)

Email: Samba will initialize and send a personalized email
  • First, choose the Subject and Pre-header for your e-mail:

You can also change your UTM parameters by clicking on “Change UTM parameters” (as shown above).

  • In the next step you can choose, which products should be recommended to which segment of your customers. You can use 10 product filters, which will definitely suit your needs:

  • In the last step you can edit your already created template, or create a brand new one using our editor:

  • Split: This option allows for A/B testing of different approaches

  • Delay: Sets how long Samba will wait until taking the next action

Processing of customers waiting for the Delay evaluation takes place only on days when the Flow campaign is activated within the Flow Activation settings.

  • Facebook: Use custom audiences of your Facebook AD accounts as a channel.

  • Segmentation: Access to over 90 business filters

  • Campaign Activity: Allows you to react based on whether an email is Opened, Delivered, and/or Clicked


Please note, if you want to see how many customers you are going to have in each group, simply click, “Recompute estimates”, in the right-hand corner of the flow.


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Updated on September 7, 2021

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