Autopilot is one of the core features of Samba, allowing you to have a hands-off approach to your marketing efforts, while Samba automatically creates, analyzes, and reiterates campaigns based on the ever-changing needs, interests, and preferences of your customers.

In the steps outlined below, we walk you through the process of setting up Autopilot according to your needs.

Getting started

Open the Autopilot tab from you Samba administration panel. From here, you can “enable” Autopilot, set the frequency of the campaigns, and view the various campaigns.

If Samba has already gathered enough data from your customers to initialize some Autopilot campaigns, you’ll see them listed (as pictured above). If not (as pictured below), you’ll first need to either run some A.I. Warm-up campaigns or set and send a few Custom campaigns, so Samba will get the requisite information about your customers it needs to create campaigns automatically.

If you’ve already sent some A.I. warm-up campaigns and you’re still unable to run Autopilot campaigns, Samba still does not have enough information about your customers and it’s recommended that you create a Custom campaign.

Autopilot Campaign Settings

Once you’ve clicked the “Enable Autopilot” button, pictured below, you’ll be presented with some options pertaining to the Autopilot campaign.

More specifically, you’ll be able to choose a subject line and pre-header. Due to the nature of Autopilot campaigns, we recommend using subjects that do not contain a name of a product, brand, or event.

Once you’re satisfied with your pre-header and subject, hit the Start automation button, pictured below.

Set the time and days you wish the emails to be sent, which will be utilized for each campaign you create and run via Autopilot.

Send on time

To maximize the performance of your campaigns, we recommend sending your emails in the morning.

With that, you’re done! Campaigns will now be automatically executed based on your schedule.

Custom campaigns via Autopilot

To create a Custom campaign from Autopilot, simply check the checkbox on the right side of a listed campaign and click the “Set date and schedule distribution” button.

A calendar will appear and you will simply choose a date and enter a time for the campaign to be run. Once you are satisfied with the settings of the campaign, click, “Enable campaign”.

Choosing your audience

If you want to modify the number of targeted customers, please do so via the Smart targeting option. If you want to use precise segmentation, just create a custom campaign.

From now on, you can edit the campaign in the same manner as you edit standard Custom campaigns (click here for more information).

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Updated on August 9, 2019

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