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The fact is, the majority of your shoppers will not add an item to their cart while shopping on your e-shop. No matter what you do, from social media to product landing page optimization, there are going to be plenty of people who just don’t want to or can’t purchase when they come to visit your site. All of that business is simply gone… or is it?

With Samba, and its built-in Shopping Intention email trigger, you can go a long way to recovering those lost sales, with absolutely no input from you. You simply set it and Samba will automatically evaluate each shopper’s interactions with your e-shop, gauge their respective interest levels, and later compile and distribute a wholly-personalized email, chock-full of the products they were interested in and other recommended items.

By doing so, you’re capitalizing on their interests and activity, reminding them of their recent visit, and giving them something to act on.


Be aware!

Before using Repeat Order triggers, please ensure that your default Header and Footer is set.

To get started, first click on “Shopping intention” on the main navigational menu. From here you can enable the trigger, edit the design of your email, set the schedule, and change the subject and email header.

Once you’re happy with the design and the subject/header texts, you can enable the trigger by clicking the “Enable trigger” button (see image below).

Samba will then handle the rest, automatically creating and distributing emails to your customers.

If you first would like to edit the design of your email template, please continue below, otherwise, you’re set!


If you would like to edit the design of your Shopping Intention email template, simply click the “Edit design” button (see image below).

While we have a more comprehensive guide on the basics of the Picasso email editor, we’ll briefly go over adding some text

Once you’re in the Picasso editor, please take note of the left side of the tool where you will see a preview of the email. By clicking on one of the sections, you’re able to directly edit the contents of that particular HTML Block.

Adding Texts

For our purposes, we want to add some custom text to the top of our Shopping Intention email to act as a greeting and help push them to purchase. To do this, click the “NEW HTML BLOCK” button (see image below) to add a new block to your email for you to edit.

After that, click and drag the “Text” icon (see image below) from the right side of the panel to the newly-created HTML block.

You can then edit the text just like you would in a standard word document, with similar formatting options available to you.

Auto-adjust the Design

You can also easily change the color scheme and formatting of the entire email with just a few clicks. On the right-hand side of the screen, you will see the Picasso auto-adjusting options, which can do two things:

  • You can adjust the overall color scheme by selecting one of the color swatches from the color palette available or by using the eyedropper tool to select your own. The slider below the palette governs how much Samba will adjust.
  • You can have Samba adjust the overall composition of the email, which includes the number of columns and their respective widths.

If you don’t like the design suggested by Samba, you can manually adjust the look of the e-mail by clicking on an HTML block you wish to change. Doing so will open up a menu of options including background colors, button texts, text formatting, and more (see image below).

Once you’re happy with the look of your email, click the “Save and back” button (see image below) to return to the Shopping Intention settings page.

As mentioned above, if you haven’t enabled your trigger yet, you can do so by clicking the “Enable trigger” button.

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Updated on February 4, 2020

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