Trigger: Abandoned Cart

Samba’s Abandoned Cart Genius Agent is a special trigger that will automatically create and distribute an email that reminds a customer of their uncompleted order. This is one of the most powerful automated campaigns, with conversion rates typically between 20-30%, because it incorporates the specific products your customer was interested in.

Be aware!

Before using Abandoned Cart triggers, please ensure that SmartPoint is completely integrated and your default Header and Footer is set.


By default, Samba’s Abandoned Cart emails will include up to 4 of the products left in the shopper’s cart. These are all automatically analyzed and “rated” so that the product that is found to best attract the customer is displayed first.

The default template also contains a block of other personalized products that might interest the customer. This significantly increases the chances of converting when a customer may have bought some of the products elsewhere.


Setting up an Abandoned Cart trigger consists of three steps:

First Step
The first email is sent one hour after the order is left abandoned. To access the settings of this or any other step for the trigger, simply click on the respective step.

From there, you can enter the subject and pre-header texts and modify the design of the email itself, by clicking the “Edit design” button:

Don’t forget, an Abandoned Cart email is not just about the products! Be sure to include a message in your email that gets them motivated to shop.

A great place to include it is directly under your banner or logo, inserting it by first, clicking on the “NEW HTML BLOCK” button on the left-hand side of the editor:

Then add a Text field to that newly-created block by clicking and dragging the “Text” button, located on the right side of the editor:

After that, enter your message and modify the formatting as you see fit.

Below this message, the placeholders for those products left in the cart and other personalized ones will be listed. Samba will automatically fill these based on what was and wasn’t purchased and what they viewed.

By clicking on one of the product placeholders, you can access a variety of settings, including those for the background & border, title, button, and more. In addition, you can use the color palette on the right-hand side for customizing the color of certain objects. Simply select your favorite color, move the slider to either side, and then click “Next design” and Samba will automatically customize those objects accordingly.

The closer the slider moves to the right, the more varied the color combinations will be.

When you’re satisfied with the resulting email, click the “Save and back” button located at the top of the editor, which will take you back to the settings.

The only thing left to do after that is to actually enable the trigger by clicking the “Enable trigger” button.

Second and Third Steps

To continue, set the second and third steps in exactly the same way.

Be aware!

Please note, to ensure optimal performance it’s important to adjust the look or content of each step, even if you want to have certain aspects the same. Try adjusting the messaging or adding or deleting product blocks.

A fully-activated Abandoned Cart trigger looks like this:

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Updated on February 4, 2020

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