Birthday wishes

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In Samba, you can use your customers’ birth dates efficiently by configuring your own parameters. This way you can target your campaigns directly to those customers who have just celebrated, are celebrating or are about to celebrate their birthday to create more personalized campaigns and increase retention.

How to use birthday wishes

In order to use this feature, it is necessary that the customer feed contains the appropriate custom parameter that defines the customer’s date of birth.
You can read how such a parameter should look like in the customer feed in this article.

Since all custom parameters are processed as a string by default, it is necessary to select the corresponding parameter in the custom parameter configuration and set its processing as “datetime“. The configuration of custom parameters can be found in the section Settings – Integration – Data integration. How to work in it, you can read in our article.

To filter the anniversary of a custom parameter (in our case, customer birthdays), use the following 3 audience filters.

  • Days to anniversary of custom parameter
  • Days since anniversary of custom parameter
  • Years since date of custom parameter

You can read more detailed information about these filters in our documentation here.

Examples of using anniversary filters

Today I’m targeting customers who are celebrating their 18th birthday tomorrow

Today I’m targeting customers who are celebrating their 18th birthday today

Today I’m targeting customers who celebrated their 18th birthday yesterday

This post is also available in: Czech

Updated on March 15, 2024

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