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External campaigns in Samba allow you to target any email address you import into Samba. For example, you can filter the list of recipients in your system using the available flags and target them directly in Samba.

Audience Lists

If you want to target the customers that are part of your database and be able to filter them further, the Audience Lists feature will be more useful to you.

External Audience

Under Customers & Products > Contact Management > External Audience, you can import a CSV with the contacts to be targeted by the external campaign. You can choose from 2 options:

  1. Email addresses– list of email addresses
  2. Customer IDs – the email addresses in the current database will be traced to the IDs.

File format

  • The CSV file can contain only the email addresses themselves without any additional separators and control characters.
  • It is recommended to check its content before importing it into Samba, e.g. using Notepad.
  • When exporting from Excel, select the CSV format (Comma delimited).

You then create an External Campaign for the selected external audience with a static email template with no personalization options.

Consent to receive newsletters

External campaigns do not check whether the email address is in the customer database and whether it is subscribed to the newsletter. It is the user’s responsibility to import only those email addresses into Samba for which they have this consent.

For external audiences, you have the following activity options

  • Preview – displays the first 10 records in the audience
  • Add New – allows you to add additional contacts to the audience
  • Export – to download the current audience content
  • Archive – puts the audience in the Archived folder, from where you can restore it at any time
  • Delete Content – permanently deletes the audience content

External Campaign Settings

External campaigns can be found under One-off campaigns > Email campaigns > New external campaign. In the settings, just fill in all the necessary information as for a traditional one-time email campaign and activate. 

Limiting the maximum number of emails per day

  • External campaigns are not subject to the restriction that 1 customer receives a maximum of 1 newsletter per day.

  • In addition, a newsletter sent via an external campaign does not count towards this limit – so a customer can receive an external campaign and then receive another one (as part of another classic one-off email campaign, Flow campaign, etc.). The exception is if there is a user in the database with a CUSTOMER_ID equal to the email address.

All statistics are then available as you know them for classic campaigns. 


If a recipient unsubscribes from receiving newsletters, all customers in the database with the same email address will also be unsubscribed.

The activity of recipients in these external campaigns (e.g. sending/opening/clicking an email) is in no way associated with customers existing in the customer feed with the same email address. 

This post is also available in: Czech

Updated on September 7, 2023

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