A.I. Warm Up

A.I. Warm-up campaigns are built expressly for training the artificial intelligence algorithms that fuel your Samba campaigns. Through this feature, Samba will better understand your customers’ behaviors, preferences, and interests, gathering the requisite data it needs to provide optimized personalization.

While not required, we highly recommend initializing some A.I Warm-up campaigns before you begin any Custom campaigns. Of course, if you’ve been using Samba for some time, you most probably don’t need to send any A.I. Warm-up campaigns as Samba has already gained enough customer data.


Before you start your first A.I. Warm-up campaign, you’ll first need to set your default header and footer, if you haven’t done so already. For more information, please click here.

Once that’s set, navigate to the A.I. Warm up settings by clicking on the “A.I. Warm up” button from your Samba administration panel.

From there, you’ll see a number of preset campaigns, which have already been optimized and targeted. The number of campaigns available depends on the number of customers within your database.

While subject lines are preset by Samba, you can change them according to your needs. Due to the general nature of these emails, we recommend utilizing a neutral subject line, without referencing a particular product, brand, or event.

Once you’re satisfied, simply click the “Schedule” button and the campaigns will begin.


Before your A.I. Warm up campaigns will run, you’ll need to verify the settings and design of the campaign. To do so, navigate to the Custom campaigns section from the menu and you’ll see your current campaigns listed.

Choose a campaign and click the “Edit campaign” button, located in the middle of each listing. From there, you can:

  • View and modify the Base settings and Design of the campaign by clicking the “SETTINGS” button, located on the right-hand side of the listing
  • Enable the campaign by clicking the “Enable campaign” button

If you choose to view and modify the settings of the campaign, please be aware of the following:

Do NOT change the Audience settings, as this will adversely affect the training of the A.I.’s algorithms.

After reviewing and/or modifying the base settings and design, click the “Save and back” button and you’ll be taken back to the campaign listing, where you can finally click the “Enable campaign” button.

With that, you’re finished setting up your A.I. Warm-up campaign. To initialize more, simply follow the same steps again.


To further customize your campaigns, we recommend editing the content and formatting of your emails via our built-in Picasso editor.

Usually, the first e-mail will contain some welcome text, greetings your customers.

The overall design and formatting can be seen on the left side of the editor. The blue highlighted part shows you the part of the email you’re currently working on. If you want to insert some text or an image, click the “NEW HTML BLOCK” button.

From the right side, drag the “Row” icon into the newly-created gray box. After that, simply drag the “Text” or “Image” icon, depending on which one you wish to include, into that new row.

With that, you can now start editing your text or image from directly within the editor.

All the changes are automatically saved.

To add new products, click the “New Grid” button on the left side, which will create a new product section.

Once you’re satisfied with the design of your newsletter, click the “Save” button.

Like before, to finish the process, click the “Enable campaign” button.

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Updated on August 29, 2019

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