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A/B Testing your Campaigns

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This guide assumes you have knowledge of Creating Custom Campaigns and working with the Picasso Email Editor. Please read each respective guide for more information.


Thanks to Samba’s output data, you’re able to see which particular email or newsletter variant performs better and adjust the communications accordingly.

To get started with this process, you will have to first create a new Custom Campaign and create two emails or newsletters based on Precise Segmentation.


In our example, we want to A/B test if a black background on an email will perform better than a white one. To accomplish this, we will distribute emails to two customer segments, where no customer receives both emails and all other parameters, besides the background color, will remain the same.

To that end, select your distribution schedule and choose the same products for both emails. On one of them, click the “Choose audience” button from the Base settings and from the drop-down menu, select “A/B test audience split”.

Set the values of the first email to “BETWEEN” “1” and “50”, click the “Recompute audience” button, and choose a white background in the design section. For the second email, set the value of the segmentation to “BETWEEN” “51” and “100”, click the “Recompute audience” button once again, and choose a black background in the design section.

By doing this, you’re splitting the customers into two groups so that no one gets both emails and you can measure the efficacy of one versus the other.

When you return to the Campaign Summary, you’ll see that Samba has split the audience into two similarly-sized groups.

Once the campaigns have run, you have easily see which one has performed better and use that information moving forward.

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Updated on April 16, 2019

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