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Merge Tags: Personalized

In this type of template Samba recommends maximum 10 products. One product can be presented with various attributes:

  • {{product*_title}} – product’s name
  • {{product*_url}} – products’s URL
  • {{product*_image}} – link to image’s URL
  • {{product*_price}} – product price
  • {{product*_price_before}} – price before discount
  • {{product*_brand}} – product’s brand
  • {{product*_description}} – product’s description
  • {{product*_free_shipping}} – if shipping is free or not (true/false)
  • {{product*_pack}} – amount of pieces included in package


Supported values *=1, 2, …, 10

In case an image should be resized with our system you need to extend Merge Tag with an image size. As for example:


There is no need to use all attributes.

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Updated on January 17, 2020

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