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How to rescue a botched newsletter before it reaches your customers

This post is also available in: Czech

Have you ever sent a wrong or incorrect picture in your newsletter and have noticed it just afterwards? No problem, there is a way how to solve this issue for most of your recipients.

If the newsletter haven’t been sent yet or haven’t been sent to all customers, you can even update several template elements.

Newsletter update before sending or while sending

You can change the template used in your saved campaign whenever before sending, you can update texts, pictures, prices and other elements. When the newsletter sending has been initiated and its status is “Sending”, you can still change the template and the customers who haven’t received it yet will get the updated message. You can find the status of your One-off campaigns below Calendar. See also the Performance status of your campaign and how many emails have been already sent here: 

Newsletter update after sending 

Even after sending the whole campaign to your customers you can still change the source and picture content that was used in the template.

When the email receiver opens the email all common email clients and browsers save the pictures in their so called cache. For those customers who haven’t opened the email yet the pictures can be changed like following:

When you have used our Drag & Drop editor, you will see the URL of the wrong picture here:


1. Select the picture that needs replacement and click on “Change picture”.

2. Prepare the new picture in the meantime, it should have exactly the same name and format as the old one.

3. Open the folder where the old picture is saved and check its size. It is important that the new picture will be saved in exactly the same folder under the same URL.

4. Delete the old picture from the folder:

5. Insert the new picture and notice, that only the picture size has changed. Here is the explanation: 

Image cache

  • The newly sent emails and also those ones opened after changing the picture should contain the new picture, although it may take up to few hours for the change to propagate due to CDN’s image cache.
  • Be aware that when you are using Samba’s picture library, the changed picture will look like the old picture in the File management for several hours because of image cache too. Still, you can notice that the picture size has changed.   

This post is also available in: Czech

Updated on December 8, 2021

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