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In this article, we’ll take a look at the Samba dashboard. We’ll show you what information you can get from the Dashboard and how to search for specific results.

The entire dashboard consists of 4 sections:

  1. Summary
  2. Return
  3. One-off campaigns
  4. Automation

Each of these sections will provide you with important information about the functioning and performance of both your store and Samba.

The results the dashboard shows you are for the period you select. You can always set the time span in the top right corner.


The home page of the dashboard displays overall statistics about your e-shop’s performance and marketing performance.

Shop Performance

This is where you project the data that Samba gets from your data feeds.

Here you can see your store’s total sales, the number of orders placed or the number of new customers signed up.

Previous period

Samba will also show you a percentage comparison with the previous period. The length of the comparison period is equal to the currently displayed results period.

Using a graph, you can view the evolution of these statistics over time, along with the value breakdown for each time period.

Marketing performance

Marketing performance displays data obtained from Google Analytics.

This section displays statistics from Samba’s marketing tools.

Here you can find total sales, number of orders, average order value as well as conversion rate. For each of these items, you can also view the breakdown on Last & Assisted Click and Web Personalization.

The following chart shows the daily performance of each campaign you are using in Samba.


The next section of the dashboard is the return rate section. You will find performance summaries for each feature within Automation and One-Off Campaigns.

For each of the features, you will find the revenue that the feature has generated for you, along with the total number of orders. There is also a breakdown on Last & Assisted Click.

One-off Campaigns

In this section, you will find a signpost to detailed statistics for email campaigns, push campaigns and SMS campaigns along with a basic view of the total number of messages sent and revenue generated.

Email campaigns

In the detailed view of email campaign statistics, you can find information on:

  • Number of emails sent
  • Number of opened emails
  • Number of clicked emails
  • Number of unsubscribed emails
  • Total conversion rate
  • Total sales

The sent campaigns are then displayed in a table with a detailed breakdown per campaign and other detailed statistics such as Campaign Type, Date, Number of Orders or UTM.

Push campaigns

In the detailed view of push notification statistics, you can find information at the top about:

  • Number of notifications delivered
  • Number of clicked notifications
  • Number of closed notifications
  • Total conversion rate
  • Total revenue

Sent campaigns are then displayed in a table with a detailed breakdown per campaign and other detailed statistics such as Date, Number of Customers Targeted, Number of Customers Throttled, Number of Orders or UTM.

SMS campaigns

Sent SMS campaigns are displayed in a table with a detailed breakdown per campaign and these detailed statistics:

  • Campaign name
  • Date
  • Number of sent SMS 
  • Number of failed SMS
  • Number of throttled SMS


The Automation section, like the One-Time Campaigns section, will show you detailed statistics for each campaign within Samba’s automated features. The top signpost links to detailed statistics for flow campaigns, triggers, welcome campaigns and web personalization along with a basic view of the total number of messages sent and revenue generated.

Flow Campaign

The flow campaigns detail view provides a listing of all your flow campaigns along with the total number of messages sent and revenue generated for each campaign.

The campaigns can be further drilled down to the detail view, where you will see a breakdown of the different communication nodes that can be used in flow campaigns (Email, Push Notifications, SMS).

Detailed performance statistics are then displayed for each communication node.

The statistics displayed in the breakdown for each node type are the total statistics from all nodes of that type used in the flow campaign.


In the case of triggers, you will see the same detailed statistics as, for example, Single Email Campaigns. So for each campaign, you will see the Number of emails sent, Open rate, CTR, Revenue etc.

Using the check boxes you can influence the selection of the currently displayed trigger types.

Welcome campaigns

The statistics of welcome campaigns will give you an idea of the performance and functioning of your welcome popup.

Here you can see, for example, how many times your popup has been shown to customers, how many new customers it has brought you, and detailed statistics on welcome emails.

Web personalisation

Whether you create a web personalization widget in Samba or a custom one that you then just call our personalization on, Samba will always show you how your personalization is performing.

For each widget, you can see:

  • Impressions: how many customers your widget has been shown to
  • Clicks: how many customers clicked on your widget
  • Orders: the number of orders placed
  • Revenue

If a customer clicks through to product detail and purchases it within seven days, Samba will add the order price to the widget’s sales.


You can also export your campaign statistics directly from the dashboard. Within the following sections of the dashboard, you will find in the bottom right corner the option to download the export in CSV format.

  • Email campaigns
  • Push campaigns
  • SMS campaigns
  • Flow campaigns
  • Triggers

When exporting your statistics from the dashboard, both the currently selected timeframe and any searches by name are taken into account.

This post is also available in: Czech

Updated on July 17, 2023

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