DNS Records

In order to approve Samba for senidng emails on your behalf, you have to set it as your e-mail service provider by setting your DNS records correctly.

DNS records are used for validation of your domain. The DNS settings can usually be found in the administration of your domain hosting. These records are inscribed into the header of the e-mail. Thanks to the correct DNS records settings, the e-mail is much less likely to end up in SPAM.

Until your DNS then you can send testing newsletters via this sender: *your-eshop-name*@newsletter02.net on behalf of your chosen sender name.

Which DNS records does Samba need

Samba requires DKIM and SPF records as an anti-spam protection. The specific form of these records can be found in Settings – E-mailing integration.

DKIM - DomainKeys Identified Mail
Tool for an identification and validation of the header of sent e-mails. Reciever can easily check the origin of the e-mail.
SPF - Sender Policy Framework
This record defines servers, that are allowed to send emails from your domain. Reciever is able to check the IP adress of the sender and if the servers are authorized by the owner of the domain.

DNS records settings

DNS settings is a part of the administration of your web hosting.

Change in DNS settings usually applies within 48 hours.

Leave it to us

If you have some difficulties with DNS settings, please do not hesitate to contact us – we are happy to help.


  • If your domain doesnt have any SPF record (TXT type, that starts with “v=spf1…”), create a new one with values displayed in the Samba app.
  • If you domain has already a SPF record, Samba shows you the final form of the record. For example if your current SPF record looks like this:
    v=spf1 a mx include:your.old.record.com ~all

    After the edit, it should look like this:

    v=spf1 a mx include:your.old.record.com include:mailgun.org~all

    More than one SPF record

    It is forbidden to have more than one SPF record on the domain. Otherwise, the mail servers would not recognise it. If you already have more than one SPF record, please, concatenate them into one record using „include“ – see the example above.


  • Create a new TXT record with values displayed in the Samba app.

It is essential to set the record values correctly. Please beware of extra spaces, quotation marks, etc.

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Updated on March 1, 2021

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