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Below is a table with all the products filters available in Samba.

BrandThe name of product brandExact/SubtringText
CategoryThe category of product-Text
Custom parameterCustomExact/SubtringText
Custom parameter dateCustomLess than/More than/Equal/BetweenDate
Custom parameter days since dateCustomLess than/More than/Equal/BetweenNumber
DescriptionDescription of productExact/SubtringText
In segmentPresaved product filter--
Margin (%)Margin of product
Less than/More than/Equal/BetweenNumber
Markup (%)Markup of product (100*(revenue-cost)/cost)Less than/More than/Equal/BetweenNumber
Price (Selling)Selling price of productLess than/More than/Equal/BetweenNumber
Price scorePrice score of product according to customer solvencyLess than/More than/Equal/Between1-100
Product idId of productExact/SubtringText
Product lineLine of productExact/SubtringText
Sale (%)Sale in %Less than/More than/Equal/BetweenNumber
Stock sizeNumber of on stock productsLess than/More than/Equal/BetweenNumber
TitleThe title of productExact/SubtringText

This post is also available in: Czech

Updated on December 7, 2021

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