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PowerBI – Export e-mails to import them as a new audience

PowerBI offers a large amount of analysis options of your e-shop. You can also use it to create a specific e-mailing audience, which you can later use as a target for newsletters – specifically in Yottly and/or Samba Enterprise.

First, go to Analytics section from the menu on the left side (in the Samba Enterprise):

From your PowerBI report export a list of the e-mail addresses (to the .CSV format, for example) you want to be imported as an external audience to Samba/Yottly. You can do this by pressing the “Export dat” option from the dropdown menu:

After the .CSV file has been generated, open it in the editor of your choice (I am going to use MS Excel for this guide). For Yottly/Samba to accept these e-mails, it is neccessary to remove formatting and leave the e-mail addresses just as a plain text. You can do this simply by copying the addresses into an empty sheet, like so:

When your list looks like the one on the right, you can save it (again, as .CSV file) and you can go to Yottly now.

Click on Audiences and then Import external maillist.

A new window will appear: Select the .CSV file you have just created and import it. That’s it! You can now use Samba/Yottly to target these imported customers.

External campaigns nor the PowerBI export does not check, whether the user has been subscribed to the newsletter. An e-mail cleanup might be neccessary by, for example, exporting all non-subscribed customers from the “Audiences” section.

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Updated on October 3, 2019

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