Samba Updates



  • Addition of a new customer filter, “Has name day today”
  • Shoptet Data Integration – you can now choose to use a short product description in addition to the standard long description
  • Users are now able to send multiple newsletter campaigns daily
  • Smart Targeting – “Find optimal audience” button added to the Customers settings of campaigns
  • Dashboard – In the past, if you switched from “detailed” statistics to “summary”, or vice versa, directly in the dashboard, the time range previously selected was automatically reset. Now the specified time range remains even when you switch.


Picasso editor

  • Removed query parameters from links
  • Fixed phone number link formatting

Web Personalization

  • The widget code window now only pops up after the widget is saved

Data Integration

  • Integrated some minor changes to the interface that is displayed when saving changes and reporting errors

Smart Targeting

  • Added the ability to set the audience size slider based on a saved campaign


  • Fixed some issues associated with the “Custom Parameter” condition in Salutation
  • Fixed a bug where the “current cost” setting was not reflected in the preview of an unfinished campaign
  • Addition of a new product filter, “Discount (%)” / “Sale (%)”
  • Shoptet – users can now include “includingVat” in product price export
  • Google Analytics – fixed a broken link
  • Salutation – Addressing in Samba
  • Salutation – oslovení v Sambě
January 2019


  • A more robust, dynamic ZIP CODE parser was added, which will improve automated location determination
  • Users now have the ability to insert dynamic variables into “custom query parameters”
  • Addition of a new product grid type – 1/2 Size
  • Users can now use custom address templates in emails


  • Fixed an issue in Picasso where setting the font size didn’t work after inserting a link in the text
  • Removed pop-up message when a user tries to delete a nonexistent recipient from their database
December 2018


  • Parameters are set to “Parameter: Exact” by default
  • Settings > Database: treats processing of a large list of email addresses
  • Picasso – closing the content settings box will no longer cause the text settings to close
  • Google Analytics Integration – Generating user email


  • “Targeted” wasn’t being recalculated from sent campaigns
  • Product tooltips in Smart Audience displays as preheader text
  • FIXED A BUG where attempting to change the audience from “Smart targeting” to “Precise segmentation”, or vice versa, on a campaign, caused the current price to have an error
  • FIXED A BUG which sometimes prevented users to save an unfinished campaign
  • FIXED A BUG which wouldn’t let a user reset their password after a failed login attempt on
  • FIXED A BUG which would force a login when refreshing the Picasso page
  • FIXED A BUG which would cause an error message to pop up when a user would click to “Purchase Interest” from the “Repeated Orders” section
November 2018


  • New languages (DE, HU, RO, PL) added to logout and double opt-in landing pages
  • Complete review of data processing from Google Analytics
    • Fixed “minor” grouping errors based on “utm_campaign”

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Updated on April 22, 2019

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