External audiences

  • External audiences presents your own e-mail lists uploaded to Yottly.
  • Uploaded file needs to be in CSV format – one email address per one line
  • Ideal in case you have list of people which should receive special discount or in case you have older lists which you have been using before start working with Yottly
  • For now you cannot apply filters on external addresses
  • There can be sent only static banners for these customers
  • Where you can find it? Audience → New external maillist


  • Then you will see a window where you can upload your prepared CSV file with e-mail addresses

drop csv

  • One it is uploaded you name it

csv nahrane

  • And external list is uploaded and you can see it in Audience and External Audience


How to create external campaign

In case you have successfully uploaded your external mailing list you can use it in campaign. The whole process consists is very similar to one for all newsletters campaigns. The only difference is right on the beginning where you need to create External campaign.

external campaign

Then you can choose your External audience (which you have uploaded already in Audiences)

choose audiencec

External audiences preview

Check if the list of external audience is correct easily by using Preview button.

external preview

Updated on September 10, 2019

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