Audience targeting

Dynamic audiences

Dynamic audiences are generated automatically by Yottly and they can be ideal indicator for you to know on which products segments you should concentrate. On this place you can see the most popular products group between your customers. The segments are dynamic and are changing according to customers behavior including their number. The dynamic audience is used mostly while running display ads campaigns.

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The segments group are refreshed every day.

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In the Visitors targeted column you can also check how many people you would target by each product group.

YOTTLY - Google Chrome 12.05.2016 150353.bmpAvisitors targeted


Deep segmentation

Deep segmentation allows you to create audiences groups according to your requests. Choose between various filters, combine them and target your customers with high precision.

Start creating your own audience segment according your needs and marketing strategy by adding New Audience.

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Deep segmen.

Customers are divided here into three groups based on their newsletters subscription request:

  • Every day group wants to receive newsletters every day
  • Special occasion means sometimes only, e.g. when there are special monthly or weekly deals
  • Never – they do not want to receive newsletters at all

odber newsletterov

Now you can start adding filters and filter’s blocks according to your marketing strategy and requested target group.

add FILTERfilter block

Here you can choose between various filters, create blocks and work with relation between them. The relation between blocks and filters is following:

  • relation between filters in a block is AND – to prune the audience
  • relation between blocks is OR – to grow the audience

Please be aware of negation of conjunction (AND) and disjunction (OR) in the following way (see De Morgan’s Laws) :

  • NOT (a AND b) is equivalent to (NOT a) OR (NOT b).
  • NOT (a OR b) is equivalent to (NOT a) AND (NOT b).

Thus, if you want to find complementary segment to your defined filters, use the negation of all your filters.


You can also choose one of your filters which you have created and saved already. Or, reversely, you can archive new filter via small arrows above.


Then you can use the button Search for previewing all customers included in audience group you set or you can easily export mail addresses from Yottly by clicking on Generate CSV button.

Updated on October 24, 2019

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