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Advanced Campaign Settings

In this article, we cover the Advanced settings of your campaigns, which allow for a bit more manual control over your campaign. This is also where you can set your UTM parameters.

To access the settings, click on the “Detail settings” button located on the Base settings page of a given campaign.


The settings with the Product Filter section will filter which products are utilized within that campaign.


By setting this filter, Samba will only select products that fit within your designated price range.


To filter by brand, click on the “Select a brand” drop-down menu to select which product brand(s) you would like Samba to select from for this campaign. The selection of that brand’s products and the subsequent formatting of the communication is fully managed by Samba and based on the customer’s preferences and shopping history.

By doing this, you can send brand-targeted emails that contain only the brand(s) you’ve selected.



To filter by product category, click on the “Select a category” drop-down menu to select which product category, or categories, you would like Samba to select from for this campaign. If you have any subcategories, these will only be shown after first selecting the parent category from the menu.

Like with filtering by product brand, this is a great way to create emails that are completely tailored for a specific audience, in this case, based on a particular category.


UTM parameters are set automatically. Therefore, if you don’t have specific policies within your business or organization that would cause you to change these, you don’t have to touch these parameters at all.

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Updated on April 22, 2019

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