3 campaign types

As we have already mentioned there are various display ads. In Yottly you can choose between these three banner types:

  • Dynamic banners – the banner’s content is personalized by using information from dynamic audiences
  • Brand banners – The images used in an ad are static, so the same one is shown to all customers
  • Predictive banners – This is most personalized banner where the content is automatically generated according to customers behavior specification

Start your display campaign right now. Choose Online ads on the left sidebar and add new campaign by clicking on New campaign. You can also see in the calendar all disabled and enabled campaigns during selected month.

Blue markers = number of statistic campaigns

Orange markers = number of dynamic campaigns

Online ads

After selecting new campaign you need to decide which kind of banner you are going to use:

campaign detail

Brand banner

  • Banner’s content consists of one or more images which are pre-programmated and do not change
  • The same banner is shown to everyone – you cannot choose specific audience segments
  • This banner is a good choice to attract new visitors mostly
  • You can add the banner once and publish it easily through multiple channels
  • Brand banner can be set in four easy steps

Dynamic banner

  • Content is based on and adjusted to different segments while using Dynamic audiences segmentation
  • It means that content comes from customers previous browsing behavior
  • Reduce response time
  • Dynamic element usually are: products, product’s info and price
  • Brings higher conversation rate, build loyalty, increase revenue, lead generation
  • Improve customer trust through personal recognition
  • Dynamic banners can be set in four easy steps

Predictive banner

  • Maximum rate of personalization
  • There is generated different banner for every web visitor
  • Banners are created according to customer’s previous behavior and high customization
  • Predictive banners can be set in four easy steps
Updated on October 24, 2019

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